Frequently Asked Questions


What lettering styles do you offer? 

You can see a sampling of my modern calligraphy styles here.  I do not copy fonts, but I'm happy to discuss ways we can coordinate organic calligraphed elements with computer typefaces.  

What is your turnaround time?

The turnaround time will vary, depending on the scope of the project.  I love early birds and more than happy to discuss details for your event far in advance.  Wedding invitations are typically sent 6-8 weeks prior to the big day, so be sure to allow ample time for custom invitation designs and envelope addressing.  For example, I typically ask for one week for 100 envelopes but my schedule will vary depending on current capacity and time of year.  

What colours can I choose from?

For calligraphy, I work primarily with gouache and ink, and I can custom mix colours to match your invitation, postage or table settings.  If you decide that you would like a specific colour other than black or white, please provide a colour swatch or sample invitation.  What is peach to you may be orange to me, so it’s always best to talk using visuals.

Do you provide the stationery? 

You can browse my selection of place cards and gift tags in my online shop.  You may also provide these items yourself, making sure that you include a supply allowance of 20%.  For custom artwork, I will select the paper (based on your colour preferences) and incorporate the cost of materials in my quote.  For envelope addressing, you will need to provide the envelopes plus the 20% supply allowance.  For example, if you plan to send 100 invitations, please provide 120 envelopes.  Script calligraphy requires ink and a dip pen, so this extra cushion is needed for paper testing, errors and any last minute additions.  I love writing on non-traditional surfaces, so don't hesitate to inquire about any creative ideas you may have!  

How should I prepare my guest list and text files?

Microsoft Word documents are preferred, and handwritten lists will not be accepted.  Label format is ideal (especially for international addresses), so I can see exactly how you would like to lay out each line.  If you already made your guest list in Excel, click here for instructions about how to convert your file into a Word document.  Please note that you are responsible choosing the appropriate attribution for your guests and making decisions regarding punctuation and abbreviations.

Do you sell chalkboards?

For custom chalkboard commissions, you are welcome to purchase a board from imaginejoy calligraphie as part of your order.  Joy's chalkboards are hand painted masonite panels, which measure are 1/8" thick.  The panels are available in the following sizes: 5"x7", 8"x10", 11"x14", 9"x12", 16"x20" and 20"x24"

Do you sell frames?

No, I do not offer framing services.  However, I highly recommend that you choose a standard framing size for all custom artwork.  You will then have a wide (and more affordable) selection when you go to purchase your frame.  

How do you protect chalkboards? 

For chalkboards, we have several options.  I can seal real chalk artwork with a light fixative or use a smear-proof chalk-like pencil.  Chalk markers and paint pens are also a great option if you want bold and opaque lettering. 

Do you write on mirrors and can the lettering be removed?

Yes, I often work on mirrors!  I use water based paint pens which can be easily removed with Windex and a cloth.  For oversized rental mirrors, I can work onsite at your venue on an hourly basis (travel fees may apply).  

What are your rates and how do I book your services?

Please send an inquiry using the contact form or by sending an email to joy[at]imaginejoy[dot].com.  For custom items, please provide as much detail as possible. A 50% deposit is required to book calligraphy services, and full payment is due upon completion, based on the final number of items.