Seattletters - International Calligraphy Conference (Bellingham, Washington)
The Calligraphy of the Heart, Part 2 with Ewan Clayton

Ruling Pen Techniques & Copperplate Variations Workshops with Rachel Yallop
Watercolour Techniques for Calligraphers Workshop with Lorna Mulligan


Writing 2017 Symposium (Kyoto, Japan)
On the Edge of the Flat Brush with Tom Kemp

Letterworks - International Calligraphy Conference
(Ogden, Utah)
Brush Fiesta with Yves Leterme

Pointed Pen Variations Workshop with Barbara Close


IAMPETH Convention (Portland, Oregon)
Spencerian Script with Harvest Crittenden
Broad Pen Uncial with Cora Pearl
Pointed Pen Uncial with Barbara Close
Engrosser's Text with Vivian Mungall

Roman Capitals Workshop with Annie Cicale
Foundational Hand Deconstructed Workshop with Christopher Haanes


IAMPETH Convention (Nashville, Tennessee)
Offhand Flourishing with Jake Weidmann
Spencerian Meets Engrosser's Script with Michael Sull and Barbara Calzolari
Brush Lettering with Linda Schneider

Graphite Techniques Workshop with Amity Parks

Sign Painting Workshop with Pierre Tardif


Letters California Style Conference (Pomona, California)
Order & Chaos with Massimo Polello

Rediscovering Italic Workshop with Monica Dengo
Spencerian Script Workshop with Harvest Crittenden
Fraktur Workshop with Luca Barcellona
Textura Group Class with Marco Chioini


Letters California Style Conference (Pomona, California)
Pointed Pen Variations with Barbara Close

The Personality of Letterform Workshop with Randall Hasson
Master Weeklong Class with Sheila Waters


Italics and Beyond Workshop with Sharon Zeugin
Art Journaling Workshop with Janet Takahashi


Stylized Writing Workshop with Georgia Deaver
Italic Workshop with Carrie Imai


Copperplate Group Classes with Xandra Zamora
Brush Lettering Workshop with Linda Hirsch