If you are looking for calligraphy classes, I strongly encourage you to seek out face-to-face instruction.  A teacher can correct how you hold your pen, watch while you form your letters and demonstrate right in front of you.  Online courses can supplement your studies, but nothing holds a candle to ongoing in-person classes.  If you visit this page I created on Calligrafile.com, you can find the calligraphy community in your area.  Nearly all guilds and societies are open to anyone with a love of lettering arts and offer workshops and classes with local and international instructors.  I sit on the board of La Société des calligraphes de Montréal and am a former board member of the Society for Calligraphy, Southern California, so I can personally vouch for these wonderful organizations.


My favourite international retailers are John Neal Bookseller and Paper & Ink Arts. They carry an incredible array of quality supplies, from nibs and penholders to inks and paper.  In Montreal, I highly recommend Avenue des arts (calligraphy supplies and artist papers), Papeterie St. Armand (handmade paper), Au papier japonais (paper, brushes and sumi ink) and Papeterie Nota Bene (card stock, notebooks and the friendliest staff around). 


If you are looking to expand your inspiration library, I have rounded up my favourite titles related to lettering, art and the creative process.